JUMP! Global Media
Our kids have so much fun here at JUMP! that we want to share it with the world!

We are so excited to introduce a brand new project. It’s been in our hearts from the beginning, but now the time is right to take what we do during the JUMP! Kids camp and place it in the homes of kids all over the world. Our first step in doing this is focusing on creating quality values-based content. It’s an expensive, time-consuming effort, but to us it’s completely worth it! If you would like to participate in seeing this dream actualized, please consider contributing towards this project.

The best way we can think of getting the material in the hands of kids in every nation is online! We are starting a JUMP! Kids YouTube page. That will be where our brand new, very own JUMP! Kids Club content is released in the future as funds become available! We are so excited for your kids to have access to these life skills, social skills, and manners while also going on adventures into the Bible.

Our goal is that this endeavor assists you in your parenting by providing quality material that helps your kids to establish a moral compass and become mannerly, kind, and socially-developed people all while they are being entertained!

Please join us in spreading the word about the YouTube page and if you want to contribute, there is an opportunity to donate at the end of your JUMP! registration.